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We are All Supermodels

Foster the People Stamp by winehausFoster the People by BlackfyreValyrianFoster the People Supermodel by BlackfyreValyrianFoster The People stamp by inuyasha1111

Foster the People is my driving force of inspiration <3 Since 2011 this band has really in small domino effect ways made HUGE impacts on me in ways I don't even fully believe myself.

I've met so many friends through them, I started working with only original characters, I found the courage to go to California because of them which has given me direction and a goal. I've discovered a new calling in life, to help people through becoming a psychologist and help people. Had I not gone to Chicago for the soul reason of seeing this band I would have never met the people who have pointed me in the right direction. When I'm down their music and silliness picks me up. And I've really had my eyes opened to a lot of current things in this world that are broken and have seen how life on the internet is a very isolated one. I've seen them 2 times live already and met Ponsi and their photographer Andy. After this summer my total will be 5 times.

I could go on and on but the fact of the matter is this band is a huge part of my life and inspiration so they deserve credit on my page. I probably wouldn't be drawing without them! So if you are bored give them a listen, it's good quality, clean and just fun music which often touches on very important or deep issues!
Foster Kid Stamp by BearLuffer
:rose:Seeing them 2 (possibly 3) times this summer in Pittsburgh, State College. :rose:



-Mothy- by Rubykickz
-Jay cheeb- by Rubykickz
Kobi by Rubykickz

MS paint

-Don't Give Up on Me Now- by Rubykickz-GA:Cetus- by Rubykickz-What I've Got Can't be Bought- by Rubykickz-Light one up and count my cash- by Rubykickz


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Prince Roobooboo

Star + Dangles Bullet (Black) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre[Ruby]-[Female]-[21]-[Pennsylvania]-[Single]Star + Dangles Bullet (Black) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Hello Most people on Here refer to me as Ruby, I'm an improving artist who still has ways to go before I'm happy with myself. My future plans are uncertain. I'm either moving across the country to Cali. Or possibly looking into being a psychiatrist or Psychologist.

I don't spend much time online these days. I'm becoming sort of "unplugged" I guess you can say. So if you notice I take AGES to respond it's not that I dislike you or I'm ignoring you. I just have better things to do than sit in front of a computer. I actually encourage you to do the same!

I refuse support, watches and friendship from Homophobes (I count people who are against marriage equality as phobic), Transphobes, racists , sexist, and SJWs. People like those make me sick and do not deserve my respect. c:

To-do list


JDPC: Rubykicks by vaporeonshit
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(commissions through the widget are open)

To do:
Animated pixel for PidgeonsPen
Icon for Lysertrix
Icon for NeoFeathers
Trade with Adolas
Trade with Skoryx


I'm VERY slow at responding to things. Be it a thank you or question or art of my characters. Sometimes I just leave the internet for a few days because I get sick of the screen, other times I simply just don't want to answer or reply. I'm not very fond of DA so I don't like getting tons of messages.

So I ask that you do not comment here for any reason. If something is importaint or you want to show me NOTE ME. please do not thank me for faves/watches/comments.

Thank you! :heart:


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F1Raccoon Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(PC) Rubykickz by F1Raccoon here you are c:
BbarbyY Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Artist
Thank you so much for the watch ;u; I really appreciate it :D
but... how.. IS YOU ART SO SO SO SO EPIC??? Why didn't I see it earlier? .o. I love it ;u;
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Adolas Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student General Artist
Hey Rubeeehhhh guess whats >W<
I made a new Species called Berakings XD >3<
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